About Me

Hi, I'm Jamie, and I am a wedding & event photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m married to an amazing woman, and we have four awesome kids. I love music, sports, and videos games, and I’m also a web developer.

I’ve been shooting since 2008, when I decided we should get a better camera, so all of our kids’ pictures wouldn’t be blurry. Things kind of snow-balled from there.

I’m in my element when I’m capturing the story of an event; whether it be a wedding, a concert, or an adventure race. Not only do I aim to provide accurate record of what’s taking place, but I also want to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the event in a creative and dynamic way.

Along with freelance work, I'm a house photographer at 20 Monroe Live – an awesome music venue in Grand Rapids, MI - as well as a frequent contributor to Local Spins. I'm also the official race photographer for Gazelle Sports, Michigan Adventure Race and the RunGR running group. I have also provided coverage for the Grand Rapids Drive (the Grand Rapids G-League basketball team), the Intersection (local music venue), and many businesses in and around West Michigan.

In addition to being blessed with a wonderful family, I'm a Christ-follower and very devoted to serving Him, my church and others. I'd love to share that part of my life with you, if you're interested in knowing more.

I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to follow along, and I’ll make sure to do the same:

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